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oUsing Nuklei
|oKernels, kernel density estimation, kernel regressionThis page presents the kernel density estimation (KDE) and kernel logistic regression (KLR) tools provided by Nuklei
|oGeneric KernelsThis page presents a set of generic kernel classes provided by Nuklei. The KDE and KLR-related kernels (e.g., kernel::se3, see Kernels, kernel density estimation, kernel regression) rely on the generic kernels presented here
|oOperations on PosesThis page introduces vocabulary for referring to operations on \( SE(3) \) poses
|oCoding Details
||oProgramming Paradigms and Semantics
||\Type QueriesFunctions defined in Types.h facilitate the (de)serialization of enum labels, here refered to as types. This is useful, e.g., when reading/writing the type of an object to a file
oContributing to Nuklei
|oCode Organization
|\Coding Guidelines
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